Year 4 visit Sutton Methodist Church

In the first days back after the Easter break, students have been learning more about the Christian view of forgiveness with a special trip to Church.

Year 4 looked at the key features of the building and it’s history, with Reverend Smithson on hand to answer the children’s questions and give a talk on forgiveness and Easter.

The children were also allowed to explore the different areas of the church and see up close all the different facets of the Methodist religion.

Miss Whitmore, who lead the trip, says it was a very worthwhile outing and the children were able to ask lots of questions:

“They were really interested in the different areas of the church and a couple had a go at playing the organ. Rev. Smithson walked around chatting to them as they explored so they were able to ask questions as things came up.

We recently had a special day celebrating and looking at Ramadan and with Vaisakhi coming up too for the Sikh faith, it’s lovely for the children to be able to learn about many different religions.”