Year 4 take on secondary school science

Town students had a unique opportunity to experience a science lesson with a difference this week, as Year 4 made the short journey to Plantsbrook.

Children were able to make use of the added facilities a secondary school can provide, writing in their books following the visit:

“On Wednesday 13th March we walked over to Plantsbrook School to take part in a science experiment. Miss Hanif the science teacher taught us all about electrical conductors and insulators. We used our prior learning about circuits to make a circuit and then we tested different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators.”

Further visits are planned between the two schools in the near future for other year groups and other departments, and Town Headteacher Mrs Smith says it’s wonderful to have such close support:

“We are very grateful to all at Plantsbrook who welcomed our children and gave them such a special experience. It’s an important step for many of our children to see what secondary school is like, and get a flavour of some of the exciting things they can do there.

Part of being together in Broadleaf Partnership Trust is being able to support each other and this sort of visit is a wonderful example of how our school communities can work together to benefit everyone.”