Year 4 become Dentists for the day

Dental students from the University of Birmingham have been giving children up close insight into how to look after their teeth.

The Oral Health Education sessions were devised by 4th year students showing how to brush their teeth and gums more efficiently, whilst also talking about dietary choices and the role of a dentist.

Children from Year 4, Swallows and Martins, were able to move around different stations that included teeth cleaning, flossing, inspections and extractions.

Mrs Khan helped organise the event, and says everyone seemed to enjoy it:

“We’ve been doing some work around dental hygiene in our last science unit, looking at different animal and human teeth, just trying to give them a bit more understanding. We thought it would be nice for the University to come in and show the students what it’s like to be a dentist and hopefully maybe inspire some of our students to want to become dentists in the future.

I think they’ve really enjoyed it, for many of the dental students I think it will have been their first time working and interacting with children so it was really nice to see them engaging together and our children asking questions and getting involved. I think this sort of event can have a lasting impact, as our children get older and if they decide they want to go into dentistry they’ll remember the dental students visiting them, it’s future career opportunities for them and exciting to show them what university can be like.”

Dr Laura Daly, Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry at the University of Birmingham, says university students will have gained valuable knowledge from the event:

“I think everyone had a lot of fun, it was very loud but happy. Our students have been doing paediatric dentistry since September, working one on one but not in big groups, so this has been another level for them. I was expecting more hesitance, it can be really daunting being faced with ten really intelligent young children at a time but they took it in their stride and did really well.

I know a lot of the Town students know about healthy eating and visiting the dentist from their curriculum, but this kind of event just helps cement their learning, having fun with it and applying their knowledge, getting to see some of the implements and materials dentists use which I think will be really helpful for when they visit the dentist themselves.”

See some of the images from the day below…