Mental Health Awareness workshops for parents/carers

On May 17th we’ll be joining with ‘Forward Thinking Birmingham’ to deliver special workshops for parents and carers.

Designed by Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust’s ‘STICK’ team (Screening, Training, Intervention, Consultation and Knowledge) the sessions will focus on five key areas:

  • Commonly held misconceptions surrounding mental health
  • What mental health means
  • What can affect mental health and wellbeing
  • What signs to look out for when concerned about an individual’s mental health
  • Resources that can help support mental health and wellbeing

Mrs Godwin is organising the event and says it’s an opportunity to help support children to thrive emotionally:

“A  rise in concerns for children’s mental health has been in the news regularly since COVID and we are always concerned with children’s emotional wellbeing, social skills and overall mental health. We have excellent pastoral support in school and draw on a range of external agencies to help us provide more to parents and carers. The session is really a chance for anyone who wants to feel more informed about mental health services, or is just curious about how to support their child to maintain positive mental health as they grow. ”

The session will run from 4-5pm via Zoom, so anyone can join wherever they are.

For more details and to receive the Zoom link to join the session, contact the school office.