Lost property uniform sale

We’re delighted to inform parents/carers that unused and lost uniform is now available to buy for a discounted price, with all funds raised going to help fund extracurricular activities for the children.

Staff have undertaken an exhausting exercise to sort through all the items handed in at different points, with as many items returned to their owners as possible, but Headteacher Mrs Smith says not everything could find a home:

“Many of you will know that I frequently write about the amount of lost property that we accumulate in school. We have sorted through the uniform that we have collected, returned any named items and washed the rest!

We hope that parents will support us by buying the uniform as well as donating any good condition uniform that is no longer needed at home.

Any money raised will go into the School Fund to support the children with extra curricular activities.”

The link for the online shop is https://app.uniformd.co.uk/items/town-junior-school

Any uniform donations can be given in to the School Office at any time.

Thank you for your continued support.